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Stirling, Scotland

Sabine Kurz

I am a science journalist, freelancing for German print media (including DIE WELT, dpa, bild der wissenschaft) and specialising in Biology, Medicine and Psychology.

Currently I am in my final year at the University of Stirling.


Best Soil in Show 2014 winner shares recipe for success

"The Greig family execute an eight-year crop rotation with spring barley, winter barley, oil-seed rape, wheat and occasional vining peas. After winning Best Soil in Show 2014 in June, 16-year-old Douglas Greig came to the James Hutton Institute to share some of the secrets behind his great success with farm manager Euan Caldwell.
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City film-maker’s Kelpies video wows New York

A STUNNING film by a Capital cameraman which shows the creation of the two Kelpie statues in Falkirk has wowed audiences in New York. Being screened as part of Scotland Week, the time-lapse film by the award-winning Edinburgh film-maker Walid Salhab had its world premiere in the Big Apple, while two smaller versions of the Kelpies are exhibited only a few blocks away from the Empire State Building.
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Darwins schillernde Käfer

Eine amerikanische Physiklehrerin kopiert und illustriert Darwins großes Werk „On the Origin of Species“ handschriftlich mit enormem Aufwand. Es ist schon seltsam, dass ausgerechnet eine Bibel das Projekt ins Rollen gebracht hat. Denn für diese Schrift hat Kelly Houle eigentlich nichts übrig. Sie ist überzeugte Atheistin und beschäftigt sich lieber mit Wissenschaft als mit Religion.
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“I gave up everything”

Born in India and educated in Scotland, Tessa Ransford founded the Scottish Poetry Library in 1984. Now aged 73, she lives on her own in Edinburgh and still writes poetry every day. I have rheumatism, so when I get up in the morning, I first do around 20 minutes of exercise. At the same time, I'm listening to radio programmes like “Start the Week”, or “Woman's Hour”, depending on what time I get up.
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Ich, allein mit den Sternen

Zehn Jahre lang lebte Hamish Hunter in einer Wellblechhütte in Schottland. Weit ab von jeglicher Zivilisation, dafür mitten in der Natur. Das klingt romantisch. Ist es aber wirklich so schön, ohne ...
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Synchronisieren Frauen ihre Fruchtbarkeit?

Abgestimmte Fortpflanzung: Forscher streiten darüber, ob Frauen, die zusammenleben, ihre Regel einander angleichen, oder ihren Eisprung synchronisieren.
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Küssen kann zu allergischem Schock führen

Zärtlichkeiten und Sex können nicht nur angenehme Gefühle auslösen, sondern auch Allergene übertragen, die dem Partner gefährlich werden und einen Besuch in der Notaufnahme nach sich ziehen können.
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Football with Buddha

Summer 2010. The world's eyes are on South Africa. Even in a small monastery in Kathmandu, Nepal the football hype has arrived.
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Stirling Minds: Jock Scott (Entrepreneurial Focus)

This article was published in the 2014 edition of Stirling Minds, the Alumni magazine of the University of Stirling. "After 25 years in human resources, I wanted to use this experience to do something different. I’m a bit of a change junkie and like the challenge of developing and maintaining relationships in the most difficult of circumstances.

Aberdeen team in top three in world for clay mineralogy

"Our consistent track record in the Reynolds Cup demonstrates that we can legitimately claim we are the best lab in world at analysing clay bearing materials." Researchers from the James Hutton Institute showed they are best in the UK and in the top three in the world in an international competition, which is considered by some as the world championship in mineralogy.
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Berry promising future for new raspberry variety

"Glen Dee is a new late season floricane raspberry that represents our aim to produce high quality raspberry cultivars suitable for low input systems that can be grown economically." A new raspberry variety, with exceptional fruit quality and high productivity, was introduced yesterday in Dundee ahead of its official unveiling later in the year.
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Villagers face missing the bus in council funding cut

Hundreds of people are in danger of being cut off from public transport to schools, hospitals and shops after it emerged a bus route serving local villages is facing being scrapped. Bus service 328, run by Edinburgh Coach Lines (ECL), and part-funded by both East Lothian and Midlothian councils, takes a circle route from Levenhall via Dalkeith and Musselburgh and provides the residents of several villages with their only access to public transport.
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